My Best Run Ever

By no means am i a natural born runner, but for the last few months i have started to do some weekly runs inside, maybe 3 times a week. I have found that as my stamina has risen, i have consequently started to enjoy the experience more and more, to the extent that I’m waiting to do the next run earlier and fit in at least 4 runs a week.
However, just like my patients, i have found that my running program is filled with little problems such as achilles tendon, knee and ankle pains. I have had to limit my runs due to these problems considerably. It’s so irritating when you just get into the rhythm and then you have to cut the exercise short or stop it altogether due to pain.

We have been providing state of the art foot supports to our patients in our clinic now for a year or so, but i have always given this for patients with rather flat or weak feet, or athletes with recurrent important trauma. It has always worked well for them and the patient has been able to continue his/hers activity without trauma and pain.

I myself have a very high arches in my feet, and maybe that is why i have not thought to have my feet scanned and had the orthotic supports fitted in my running shoes. Finally last week i thought i will try it anyway, so i had my feet electronically scanned in our clinic for any possible weakness that may affect my ankles, knees and back. Most of us think we have only one arch under our feet that give us the elasticity and stability at the same time, and help the forces to be distributed correctly when walking or running. however we have 3 different arches in each foot, the obvious one at the middle that most doctors and foot supports cater for, but also 2 other transverse arches running across your foot.

Most people, Doctors and majority of the foot supports do not consider these cross arches in their treatment plan. So i had my results from the scan, and to my surprise i had some weakness both at the medial arch and the transverse arches, even though the arch appears visually high. I decided to order the foot supports for my running shoes.
I went running yesterday for the first time with the new Foot Levelers, and i tell you, the experience was mind blowing! I felt immediately that my feet the had the correct stability, having right amount of support at the right places. at the same time i felt that the foot still had enough elasticity or springiness to avoid the strain and overload of my ankles and ultimately knees. Usually within first 20 minutes of running i have had to slow down and even sometimes shift to cycling due to shin and knee tenderness, but this time the sensation was different!

I tell you, it was like running in the air or floating on top of the cotton wool pads. I felt none of the strain i usually do in the first minutes of the run in my shins, and the run was so pleasant. I went about 25% faster than normally for a whole hour, and i could have done more. After running i felt none of the normal pains or aches associated with my run.
I would definitely advise any of you who spend lots of time on their feet, or any of you who do recreational or competitive running or jogging to try these new Foot Levelers pelvic stabilizers. You can even fit them on your normal working shoes or football shoes and other sport shoes. It will transform your activity, whatever it may be.

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