Why did I not come earlier? – Migraine headaches

I have just had a patient who came in with a complaint of +10 years of “diagnosed migraines” that affect him 10 to 15 times per month. A lawyer with an intense work schedule travelling around world. You can imagine the strain that these symptoms were putting on his work and private life. He had been treated with strong anti migraine medications and even with Beta-blockers, so you can see that he had a serious problem in his hands he was unable to solve.

During our first visit it became apparent that his symptoms did not however look like classic Migraine, with visual aura, and nausea or vomiting, however symptoms often were so severe that he was unable to work. His symptoms were intensely associated with neck and shoulder stiffness and discomfort that built up into pain behind the head and ears, radiating around the eyes, very much the same area as classic Migraine.

At the time of his first visit the pain was 10/10 as intensity and he could not open his eyes properly in the rather dark room that we were in.
To make a long story short, after history taking, i started him with our standard treatment for neck, shoulder and headache symptoms, which he tolerated well. After the first treatment saw a vast improvement with his migraine symptoms, and could hold good conversation with eyes well open, with a genuine smile on his face. He has now been back for 3 times and his migraine symptoms, that i would rather call tension, or cervicogenic headaches, have almost disappeared completely. You can imagine the difference that it makes in his life!

What I’m saying here is not that we can treat successfully all the patients with these or similar symptoms, but that if you have these kind of pains or aches, and even if you have been diagnosed with Classic Migraine and think there is no cure, you should try the manual therapy. Obviously with the above patient the diagnosis may not have been correct and he could have got rid of the problem far earlier if all the theatment choices were laid clearly in front of him in the first place by the Doctors he had seen.

The diagnosis, or differentiation of Migraine from classic tension headache is very difficult at best of times, and even Doctors are sometimes confused.
If you see yourself suffering same or similar symptoms, and have had difficulty getting help, come and visit me and i will certainly do my utmost to find out if you could get better with treatment protocols we offer here.

Today the patient came in with smile on his face and said he had slept all night and woken up without pain. He said the only thing he was annoyed is that he did not come earlier!